Pat Cashman hosted his first radio show – in his hometown of Bend, Oregon – when he was about ten years old. It originated from just outside the furnace in the basement of the family home. Pat would announce the news and sports into the central duct system – and also positioned his record player close by so he could play the hits through it.

Due to the limitations of his play list, most of those hits were pretty scratchy. Local listeners (Pat’s younger brothers) were able to hear the program by lying down on the floor and pressing their ears to any available vent in the home. Broadcast – and listening – conditions were most bearable when the furnace wasn’t actually running.

Pat's many hair-dos

Some early photos of Pat. He enjoyed experimenting with his hair
(all these in one week!) although he remained loyal to his lime green corduroy suit.

Moving On
Since then, Pat has moved beyond home heating systems to a wider – if not toastier – audience. Following his graduation from the University of Portland (Oregon), he worked at various small radio stations in Oregon. But after moving to Eugene, Oregon, he left full-time radio work to take a job at a TV station as a commercial writer and director. For a period of time, he even served as the station’s weathercaster, though his humorous bits often took more time than the weather during this brief stint. He moved on to another TV station in Boise, Idaho – this time serving as production director. While there, he originated a legendary Saturday late night TV show called “Peculiar Playhouse.”

Jaspar Farndark
Jaspar FarndarkPat assumed the host role – a dimwitted character of his own creation with unkempt white hair and moustache named Professor Jasper Farndark. Each week, the program featured the worst B movies available – sandwiched between Cashman / Farndark skits and bits. The show was little noticed at first – until a station sales manager observed that at one o’clock in the morning, the show was garnering a 97 share. True, every other station in town had signed off the air by one o’clock in the morning, but the 97 share was still impressive. Of course, it also meant that 3 percent of the available audience preferred to look at test patterns or snow.

Seattle Beckons
Pat moved to Seattle in the early 1980’s, hired as a commercial writer and producer by KING TV. In 1984, he became the station’s first-ever creative director – writing, producing and directing a vast number of award-winning promos and commercials. He was honored with Clios, Addys and Tellys – and also won “Best in the West” awards, a medallion from the International Film Festival of New York – and the Broadcasting Marketing and Promotion Executives Gold Medallion. Along the way, Pat began adding considerable commercial freelance writing and voice-work to his resume – refining and honing his humorous style.

Over the years, he has written and appeared in hundreds of radio and TV commercials – and his on-camera characters and voices have been featured in scores of business videos, instructional films, corporate presentations, cartoons and video games and of course the Washington Home for the Sadly Mistaken.

Almost Pat
Pat is also a cast member; writer, director, producer and editor on the long-running comedy TV sketch program “Almost Live!” – A show that continues to air (in repeats) every week on Seattle’s KING TV – and ran for two seasons in primetime on Comedy Central, as well as in syndication around the nation. He has also been part of Disney’s national Emmy winning “Bill Nye the Science Guy Show.”

Radio Days
In 1991, Pat returned to his radio roots – not from a basement furnace this time – but from an actual dial position (1090 AM Seattle). He hosted his morning drive time news/comedy show until 1994, when KING Radio was purchased by Bonneville Broadcasting – and moved Pat to become the morning host on another station (then KIRO FM, later called “The Buzz”). In 1999 Fisher Broadcasting – KOMO Radio hired Pat to immediate strong ratings. When KOMO switched to an all-news, no-Pat format, he left the building… and concentrated on his freelance work. In the summer of 2003 Pat joined the legendary KJR FM 95.7 as host of the morning show from 6 to 10 AM.

This is Pat Cashman Speaking
Pat's mugPat is a busy emcee and keynote speaker for corporate gatherings, employee seminars, awards banquets, charity fundraisers and other events.He is a creator, writer and producer of video and audio productions of all kinds – especially those where a special touch of humor is desired.Though he works primarily in radio and television he has been known to contribute to many different kinds of creative endeavors.

He and his family (wife and cats now that the kids have finally, mostly left), live in the Seattle area.