Other Junk

This collection, this mélange, this pastiche, this witches brew, this veritable bouillabaisse of oddities is really here because some stuff, you can’t categorize. Well… that’s not quite true. You could categorize it but that is not going to happen here. So poke around Smokey. There’s a lot here…scroll down.

The Young AthleteThe Young Athlete
Pat was an avid basketball player as this photo demonstrates. Or more accurately Pat was an avid basketball poser as this photo demonstrates.

Can you pick him out?

Flying pappyPat takes flight
While still in high school, Pat was chosen for the part of Pappy Yokum in a production of Lil Abner. During the play’s dramatic high point, he was required to take a running leap—and land into Lil Abner’s outstretched arms. Pat’s 30 pound weight gain during the production didn’t help.

Cash TuffeThe 2nd Stage Stage
In college, he kept his hand and other body parts in performing. Here he is in a college production of Tartuffe. He is playing Monsieur Loyale.
Almost Live! CastAlmost Live! Days
Pat was a part of KING TV’s twice-syndicated “Almost Live!” for much of its 15 seasons. The truth is it was a great time with talented, exceptional people.
PatParadePat on Parade
Occasionally, Pat has had the chance to ride in parades. Here Pat is responding to the adulation of an enormous crowd. Truly one of the highpoints in an extraordinary life. To really understand the grandeur of this moment please click on the photo.
Pat CashmanPat’s Broadcast Positions
If you read Pat’s Bio you will know that he has held many positions in broadcasting. This is one of them.

Snuggy PatRevisiting an old role
A little known fact is that at one point Pat had a recurring role on a prime time crime drama. Admittedly it was not an original theme. The show, Blutarsky and Dutch only had two episodes. But Pat was in both of them.