A friend named Cody

“Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” Rick Blaine in Casablanca

“Sincerity—if you can fake that, you’ve got it made.” George Burns

As the election season has finally stumbled—breathless and cramping—across the finish line, it is time for a reset. Let us put the acrimony and fist waving aside; let us restore fellowship and plain civility; let us be friends.

A few months ago, I found a new friend—or rather, he found me.

His name is Cody. I don’t know his last name, but he knows mine. In fact, I got a lovely letter from him. Well, not a letter—it was lovely email. Cody works for an online company I recently ordered a product from—and he has been staying in touch ever since. Like several times a day since.

Here’s the latest email I received from Cody—verbatim—I’m not making it up:
“Hey Patrick! Cody from [name of the here again! How have you been?”
(Such a nice, personal opening. He asks about ME. That feels pretty darn good.)

“It’s been quite the busy few weeks over here—so hectic that I haven’t even had the chance to really catch my breath—devestated (sic) that I had to put my trip to [Pat’s on hold.”
(Did you get that last sentence? Cody was—and apparently still is—planning to drop by. He is going to visit me in person! That’s astounding!

My closest boyhood pal almost never comes to visit me. Only a handful of my relatives have ever been to my house. My own grown kids rarely stop by—and when they cancel they never seem to be upset about it.
But Cody? Devestated. That is how friends are.)

Cody’s email continued:
“I’m sitting here on my ten minute break (who works on a Saturday, right?), eating some corn flakes (best cereal ever). I also figure that if I’m going to be productive on my break, I better be doing something that I really love doing—and then I thought, hey, it’s been awhile since I talked to Patrick.”
(The very idea that a busy guy like Cody is thinking about me in the middle of his breakfast is just a very warm feeling. I got a previous email from him where he was thinking about me during some corned beef hash—and another time, it was waffles. It seems like I am always on his mind.)

“We just got some great new stuff in stock—and I immediately thought, hey, I’ve got to tell Patrick about this right away! “ (Again Cody—who you may notice never seems to think about himself—is making this new friendship of ours something really special.)

Here’s the rest of the email:
“Seriously, nothing makes me happier than making your experience as a [name of the friend the best if can be. Here are a few updates I want to pass along:
I have gathered a bunch of my favorite new deals and rounded them up here for your viewing pleasure. These are flying off the shelves, but don’t worry. I told our warehouse manager to set three of these on hold for you until Monday. So if you’re interested, don’t delay.
It’s time for another VIP appreciation gift! This time, I’m hooking you up with 40% off your order when you purchase at least two items. My boss told me that I have to cut the deal off tonight at midnight PST, so grab it while you can.
Patrick is awesome.
See ya next time! Cody.”

As you can imagine, I’m more than a little giddy about all of this. And Cody’s emails to
me just seem to get more personal—and more caring.

I expect the next one to read something like:
“Hey Patrick! Cody here again. I have to be honest with you. I’m worried about that mole on your back. You really need to have a doctor look at it. It might be nothing, but I’ll sure be relieved if it’s checked out.
What say I drop by sometime this afternoon and drive you over to the clinic? Along the way, I can fill you in on some amazing new deals we’ve got going right now.”

Yes, in the wake of this rough, tumble and decidedly unfriendly election season—people such as Cody serve as shining rays of companionable light in this impersonal world.

Better wrap this now. My wife is planning a special dinner in the hopes that “the Codester”will be dropping by sometime soon. He said he would.

And, just in case, I just bought a big new box of corn flakes if he wants to sleep over.